Kids come to Arlington House not knowing how to be kids.

We allocate time for recreation, leisure and play time each week. These activities are designed to aid the child in developing recreational skills and help the family learn how to plan and participate in recreational and leisure activities together.

The recreation program at Arlington House includes many activities which are earned through the positive reward system.

Children also participate in an array of cultural, ethnic and general interest activities found throughout the metropolitan area. Most children are from families that are, or have recently been, in crisis. Many have histories of abuse (physical, sexual and/or emotional), suicidal gestures and attempted suicides. They run away and are truant. Other problems include aggressive behavior, eating disorders, sexual acting out, theft, chemical abuse/ dependency, depression and other mental health issues. Virtually all of our children have low self esteem.

We help children at Arlington House develop short-term objectives that they work on regularly during their stay. These goals focus on self, family, education, health and hygiene, appropriate use of leisure time, and in some cases, spirituality.

Children in our care are in crises and need a therapeutic, structured environment that offers opportunities to take risks and succeed.